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09:39pm 22/01/2006

type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these 35 words:

1. Money: Damn, I wish I had some of that....

2. Sex: Female

3. Relationships: Are for quitters........j/k

4. Your Last Ex: who was my first ex...

5. Power: obviously don't have any

6. Marijuana: uncle alfred and uncle larry!!

7. Crack: head

8. Food: hungry

9. President: should be assasinated

10. War: senseless

11. Cars: all shiny

12. gas prices: high low...i don't know...i don't buy gas

13. Oral Sex: i think i'm just gonna skip this one!

14. Politics: could care less

15. Religion: hypocrites

17. MySpace: is fun

18. Worst Fear: the online hit-men services...like in the movie Hostel

19. Marriage: Most of the time people lie to each other when they say "I do"

20. Fashion: Is boring......therefore I wear what I want

21. Brunettes: Smarter than Blondes

22. Redheads: freckles

23: Work: builds intregity

24: Pass the time: computer and TV

24: Football: i hate it

25. One night stand: pssssss!

26: Pet: got seven...

27: Pixie Stix: kids cocaine

28: Vanilla Ice: kevin federline

29: Porta Potties: memphis in may

30: High school: huh?

31. Pajamas: daily esentials

33. Wood: MTV's then and now...that's the name of the show

34. Surfers: DUDE!

35. Pictures: Absolutely hate them.......like to take them!

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03:55am 08/11/2005

For a kiss to be really good you want it  to mean something, you want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head.  So when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere.  A kiss so hot, so deep...you never want to come up for air.  You can't cheat your first kiss.  Trust me, you don't want to.  It's when you find that right person, the first kiss...it's everything.

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hard question and it is interesting...  
06:48am 05/10/2005

you have to thinkCollapse )

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06:24pm 28/08/2005


I HOPE YOU CRY!Collapse )

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music: MTV
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